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Cater to an ever-evolving market by launching a personalized on-demand solution, and help customers avail on-demand services across industries.


On Demand

App Development Services

The on-demand app industry is booming as consumer's reliance on on-demand applications is increasing with each passing day. This unlocks a plethora of opportunities for entrepreneurs as they can step into this rapidly changing industry and establish themselves as industry leaders in a short period of time.

Proud Technologies offers best-in-class on-demand app development services to aid such entrepreneurs and help them launch visually engaging, fully-functional, and user-centric on-demand applications.

In the past few years, our team has devised different types of on-demand solutions for different industries including transportation,

We Design Full-Scale On-Demand Applications to Accelerate Your Brand Growth

Being the best on-demand app development agency, we are a pioneer in devising a variety of on-demand cross-platform applications that help entrepreneurs provide on-demand services to their target consumers.

Dedicated Customers Panel

Customer App

A dedicated customer panel where users can manage their profiles, compare different service providers, and choose a service provider in a hassle-free manner.

  • ..Easy Onboarding
  • ...Profile Management
  • ...Multi-Payment Support
  • ..Favorites
  • ...Real-time GPS Tracking
  • ...Ratings & Reviews

Website Customer/Owner

With a feature-packed admin panel, restaurants will be able to manage daily orders, keep a tab on inventory, and analyze their monthly sales in one place.

  • ..Menu Management
  • ...Inventory Management
  • ...Customer Management
  • ..Order management
  • ...Payments and Commissions
  • ...Detailed Reports and Analytics
website Owner