6 Months Industrial Training

Six Months Industrial Training

I. Introduction

1. Why Java

2. Paradigms

3. Diff b/w Java & Other (C,C++)

4. Java history

5. Java features

6. Java programming format

7. Java Tokens

8. Java Statements

9. Java Data Types

10. Typecasting

11. Arrays


1. Introduction

2. Class

3. Object

4. Static Keywords

5. Constructors

6. This Key Word

7. Inheritance

8. Super Key Word

9. Polymorphism (Over Loading & Over Riding)

10. Abstraction

11. Encapsulation

12. Abstract Classes

13. Interfaces


1. String

2. String Buffer

3. String Tokenizer


1. Introduction to all predefined packages

2. User Defined Packages

3. Access Specifiers


1. Introduction

2. Pre Defined Exceptions

3. Try-Catch-Finally

4. Throws, throw

5. User Defined Exception examples


1. Thread Creations

2. Thread Life Cycle

3. Life Cycle Methods

4. Synchronization

5. Wait() notify() notify all() methods


1. Introduction

2. Byte-oriented streams

3. Character – oriented streams

4. File

5. Random-access file

6. Serialization


1. Introduction

2. Socket, Server socket

3. Client –Server Communication


1. Introduction

2. Byte, Short, Integer, Long, Float, Double, Character, Boolean classes.


1. Introduction

2. Util Package interfaces, List, Set, Map

3. List interface 7 its classes

4. Set interface & its classes

5. Map interface & its classes


1. Introduction

2. Member inner class

3. Static inner class

4. Local inner class

5. Anonymous inner class


1. Introduction

2. Components

3. Event-Delegation-Model

4. Listeners

5. Layouts

6. Individual components Lable, Button, CheckBox, Radio Button.

7. Choice, List, Menu, Text Field, Text Area


1. Introduction Diff b/w awt and swing

2. Components hierarchy

3. Panes

4. Individual Swings components Jlabel

5. JButton, JTextField, JTextAres.




            1. Introduction

            2. Jdbc Architecture

            3. Types of Drivers

            4. Statement

            5. ResultSet

                   1.Read Only ResultSet

                   2.Updatable ResultSet

                   3.Forward Only ResultSet

                   4.Scrollable ResultSet

            6. PreparedStatement

            7. Connection Modes

            8. SavePoint

            9. Batch Updations

           10. CallableStatement

           11. BLOB & CLOB


          1. Introduction

          2. Web application Architecture

          3. Http Protocol & Http Methods

          4. Web Server & Web Container

          5. Servlet Interface   

          6. GenericServlet

          7. HttpServlet

          8. Servlet Life Cycle

   9. ServletConfig

 10. ServletContext

 11. Servlet Communication

                   1. Servlet-Browser communication

                             1. sendError

                             2. setHeader

                             3. sendRedirect

                  2. Web-component Communication

                             1. Forward

                             2. Include

                  3.Servlet-Applet Communication

 12. Session Tracking Mechanisms

                             1. HttpSession

                             2. Cookies

                             3. URL-Rewriting

                             4. Hidden-Form Fields

 13.Filters & Wrappers




          1. Introduction

          2. Jsp LifeCycle

          3. Jsp Implicit Objects & Scopes

          4. Jsp Directives




         5. Jsp Scripting Elements  




         6. Jsp Actions

                     1.Standard Actions

                           1. useBean  tag

                           2. setProperty tag

                           3. getProperty tag

                           4. include  tag

                           5. forward  tag

                           6. param  tag

                           7. plug-in  tag

                           8. params tag

                           9. fallback tag

                         10. directives tag

                         11. scriptlet tag

                         12. expression tag

                   2.Custom Actions

                          1. Classic Tags

                          2. Simple Tags

           7. JSTL & Tag Library


          1. MyEclipse


        1. Tomcat

        2. Weblogic


        1. Oracle




Introduction to Android

Android Overview and History

·         How it all got started

·         Why Android is different (and important)

Android Stack

·         Overview of the stack

·         Linux kernel

·         Native libraries

·         Dalvik

·         App framework

·         Apps

 SDK Overview

·         Platforms

·         Tools

·         Versions

 Hello World App

·         Creating your first project

·         The manifest file

·         Layout resource

·         Running your app on Emulator

Main Building Blocks

·         Activities

·         Activity lifecycle

·         Intents

·         Services

·         Content Providers

·         Broadcast Receivers

Basic Android User Interface

·         XML versus Java UI

·         Views and layouts

·         Common UI components

·         Handling user events

Android system Overview

·         Preferences

·         Notifications

Advanced UI

·         Selection components

·         Adapters

·         Menus and Dialogs

·         Animations

Multimedia in Android

·         Multimedia Supported audio formats

·         Simple media playback

·         Supported video formats

·         Simple video playback

SQL Database

·         Introducing SQLite

·         SQLiteOpenHelper and creating a database

·         Opening and closing a database

·         Working with cursors Inserts, updates, and deletes

Basic Content Providers

·         Content provider MIME types

·         Adding, changing, and removing content

·         Working with content files

Advanced Android:

Location Services

·         Working with the Location Manager

·         Working with Google Maps extensions


·         Overview of services in Android

·         Implementing a Service

·         Service lifecycle

 Broadcast Receivers

·         What are Broadcast Receivers

·         Implementing broadcast receiver

 Intent Filters

·         Role of filters

·         Intent-matching rules

·         Filters in your manifest


·         Monitoring and managing Internet connectivity

·         Managing active connections

·         Managing WiFi


·         Taking pictures

·         Rendering previews


·         Controlling local Bluetooth device

·         Discovering and bonding with Bluetooth devices

·         Managing Bluetooth connections

·         Communicating with Bluetooth


Microsoft .Net Framework Concept

What is Microsoft .Net Framework?

What are the functions of Microsoft .Net framework?

Common Language Runtime in .Net Framework

How to Common Language Runtime

What is .Net Framework Class Library?

What is Common Language Specification?

What is Common Type System?

What is Microsoft Intermediate Language?

What is Portable Executable (PE) File Format?

What is Microsoft Just In Time Compiler?

What is .Net Namespaces?

What is C#, C++ vs C#, Java vs C#, C# History, C# Features, C# Example, C# Variables, C# Data Types, C# Operators, C# Keywords?

C# Control Statement:

C# if-else, C# switch,

C# Loop Concepts: For Loop, C# While Loop, C# Do-While Loop,  C# Break, C# Continue, C# Goto, C# Comments

C# Function Concepts:

C# Function, C# Call By Value, C# Call By Reference, C# Out Parameter

C# Arrays Concepts:

C# Arrays, C# Array Types C# Array to Function, C# Multidimensional Array, C# Jagged Arrays

Array string Function, Types of Function, Collections- ArrayList and Generics List

OOPS concept in C#, C# Object Class,

C# Object and Class, C# Constructor, C# Destructor, C# this, C# static, C# static class, C# static constructor, C# Structs, C# Enum

C# Inheritance Concept: Single Inheritance, Multi Level, Interface


C# Polymorphism Concept

C# Member Overloading, C# Method Overriding

C# Properties- Usage of C# Properties, having logic while setting value

C# Exception Handling :

C# Exception Handling, C# try/catch, C# finally, C# Custom Exception, C# checked unchecked, C# SystemException

C# Multithreading :

C# Multithreading, C# Thread Life Cycle, C# Thread class, C# Main Thread, C# Thread Example, C# Thread Sleep, C# Thread Abort, C# Thread Join, C# Thread Name, C# ThreadPriority



Creating an ASP.NET Website Using Visual Studio .NET


Understanding Property bar and Solution Explorer


Creating a Microsoft ASP.NET Web Form


Add a Web Form to an ASP.NET Web Application project


Using Code-Behind Pages


Using Page Events


Creating a Page Load Event Procedure


Creating a Click Event Procedure


Working with Controls


Standard Controls


Label Control


Literal Control


Textbox Control


Checkbox Control


Radio button Control


Button Control


Link button Control


Image Button Control


Image Control


Hyperlink Control


Understand Validation Controls


Using Required Field Validator Control


Range Validator Control


Compare Validator Control


Regular Expression Validator Control


Validation Summary Control


Displaying Advertisements


Storing Advertisement in an XML File


Displaying Different Page Views


Working with Master Page


Creating Master Pages


Using Images and Hyperlinks in Master Pages


Using List Control


Working with Drop Down list Control


Working with the Radio button List Control


Working with ListBox Control


Working with Checkbox List Control


Working with the Bulleted List Control


Grid View Control


Displaying Data


Displaying Empty Data


Using Tree View




Crystal Report


Microsoft Vb.Net 2010

  Introduction To Microsoft.Net Framework 4.0

  Exploring The Visual Studio IDE 2010

  Getting Started With Visual Basic.Net 2010

  Working With Functions, Procedures And Properties

  Advanced Features Of Visual Basic 2010

  Window Forms & Controls

  Working With Dialog Boxes

  Creating MDI Applications & Help System

  Introduction To Ado.Net

  Data Access And Manipulation With Ado.Net

  The Language Integrated Query (LINQ)

  Data Access Using Entity Framework

  Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

  Data Binding With WPF

  WPF Graphics

  WPF Amimations


HTML Basics

Creating Form Using Html

Using .CSS Script in Dreamweaver


Introduction to JavaScript

Types of JavaScript Variables, operators, Loops

Using Objects, Events

Common JavaScript Function

Using JavaScript in Dreamweaver

JavaScript validation


Embedding PHP with HTML

Embedding HTML with PHP

Introduction Variables

Using Variables

Understanding Data types

Using Operators

Writing Statements and Comments

Using Conditional and comments

Using Conditional Statements(If – Else)

Using Repetition Statements(while, do while, for)


PHP 5 Objects

Class Inheritance

Auto loading Classes

Constructor & Destructors

Member & Method Visibility

The Static keyword

Abstract Classes

Object Interfaces


Class Members

PHP and My SQL

Database Connectivity

Fetching Data From Database

Inserting Data into Database

Updating Data in Database

Deleting Data from in Database

Advance PHP

Module 1: Search Engine Optimization 2 Days

  • What is search engine optimization (SEO)?
  • History of Search engines?
  • How is SEO important in digital marketing?
  • How is search engine important for companies?
  • How can search engine impact the brand and sales of a company?
  • How does search engine algorithm work?
  • Components of search engine?
  • Different types of search engine?
  • Operators used in search engine
  • Keywords Research.
  • Competitor Analysis
  • ON-Page Optimization 10 Days
  • How is on page optimization important in SEO
  • Web layout structure
  • Codes used in website
  • Design factors and guidelines
  • Differences between dynamic and static sites?
  • How to select a Domain name & Domain name optimization
  • Image Naming, Image title and ALT Tags Creation
  • File name and folder name optimization
  • Title tag optimization
  • What are Meta tags and their optimization
  • How to write meta description
  • Meta robots
  • Heading Tags & Header optimization
  • Footer optimization
  • Anchor Text & link title optimization
  • Content writing for seo
  • Site maps submission
  • Image optimization
  • URL optimization
  • txt
  • Dynamic site optimization techniques:
  • Word Press SEO
  • XML sitemap creation
  • HTML Sitemap creation
  • ROR text sitemap
  • Difference between XML sitemap and HTML sitemap.
  • Flash Site Optimization.
  • Frame Site Optimization.
  • Google Webmaster tool implementation
  • Google Analytics Implementation.
  • Yoast Word press Plug-in Optimization
  • Schema Tag Implementation
  • Breadcrumb implementation
  • AMP setup
  • 301 Redirect
  • 404 not found error setup.
  • Website Loading Time manage
  • Secured server integration.
  • Social Media Icon Implementation
  • HTML and Text Ratio
  • Keywords Density
  • Duplicate Content Optimization
  • W3C Validation.
  • Canonical optimization
  • OFF-Page Optimization 18 Days
  • Introduction to off page optimization
  • Factors affecting offsite optimization
  • Importance of offsite optimization
  • Current scenario of search engine optimization
  • On page optimization versus off page optimization
  • What are Backlinks
  • How to build Back links & importance of back links?
  • Type of linking methods
  • Link checking tools
  • Difference between Do-Follow & No-Follow Backlinks
  • What is Google Page Rank
  • How to increase page rank
  • Alexa & Alexa Integration
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Directory submissions
  • Social bookmarking
  • Posting classifieds
  • Importance of integration of blog to gain SEO
  • Business & Local listing
  • Forum signatures & postings
  • Article Writing & submissions
  • Blog Posting & comment writing
  • Importance of social buttons and social media
  • Press release submission
  • Article Submission
  • Q & A discussion.
  • PPT Creation and Submission
  • Logo Sharing
  • PDF sharing
  • Search Engine Submission.
  • PPT Creation and Submission
  • DA & PA improvement.
  • Guest Blogging /Posting
  • Search Engine Algorithms 3 Days
  • What are Search Engine's Algorithms?
  • How Algorithms Work?
  • Why a Search Engine needs to update its Algorithms?
  • Search Engine Penalties and Recoveries.
  • Why a Search Engine penalizes a Website?
  • How to optimize your site for Google Hummingbird Algorithm?
  • What is Google Panda Algorithm?
  • What is Google Penguin Algorithm?
  • What is Google EMD Update?
  • How to save your site from Google Panda, Penguin and EMD Update?
  • How to recover your site from Panda, Penguin and EMD?
  • Search Engine Rank Brain Update and Its effect.

Module 2:  Search Engine Marketing 1 Day

  • Introduction to Search Engine Marketing
  • Understanding Google search
  • Overview of Google Adwords, Microsoft AdCenter and Yahoo Search Marketing
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) 2 Days
  • PPC Definition & how it functions
  • Important Terms - Quality Score, Conversion Rate etc.
  • Quality Score Overview, Understanding
  • Setting objectives, goals & expectations
  • Actionable metrics for performance measurements
  • Formulating account structure
  • Effective segmentation of keywords
  • Usage of multiple match types
  • Non overlapping Ad Groups
  • Monitor PPC activity with Google Analytics
  • Google Adword 4 Days
  • About Google Ad words & Bing Ads
  • Where ads appear
  • Advantages of using Ad Words & Bing Ads
  • Google Ad words or Microsoft Bing Ads?
  • Understanding the Ad Words structure
  • What is Quality Score?
  • How Ad words auction system is designed?
  • Compelling ads that increase Click Through Rates (CTR) at lower costs
  • Understanding, Analyzing & Improving Relevance & Quality score
  • Improve conversion rates, Targeted ads & relevant landing pages
  • Ad Preview tool
  • Best Practices like using features such as reviews, +1 button etc.
  • Landing Pages & Importance of UI/UX design
  • Amazon Marketing. 2 Days
  • Product Optimization.
  • Product Title Optimization
  • Product Description Optimization.

Module 3: Digital Marketing Basics 2 Days

  • What is digital marketing?
  • How is it different from traditional marketing?
  • ROI between Digital and traditional marketing?
  • Discussion on E-Commerce
  • Discussion on new trends and current scenario of the world?
  • Digital marketing a boon or a Bane?
  • How can digital marketing be a tool of success for companies?
  • Video on importance of digital marketing
  • Analysis of recent info graphics released by companies about digital marketing?
  • How did digital marketing help the small companies and top inc
  • Categorization of digital marketing for the business.
  • Diagnosis of the present website and business.
  • SWOT analysis of business, present website and media or promotion plan.
  • Setting up vision, mission, and goals of digital marketing.

Module 4: Social Media Marketing (SMM) 7 Days

  • Orientation to Digital Marketing and Social Media
  • Latest Stats and Trends about Social Media (Global & Indian)
  • Relevant Social Media Success Stories (Global & Indian)
  • Creating multi-channel Social Media Strategy
  • How to choose relevant Social Media Channels
  • Resource Planning: In-house vs. Outsource, Key competencies, Tools etc.

4.1 Social Media

  • Advanced Facebook Marketing
  • WordPress blog creation
  • Twitter marketing
  • Linkedin Marketing
  • Google plus marketing
  • Pin Interest
  • Social Media Analytical Tools
  • Quora

4.2  Measuring ROI of Social Media

  • Guidelines for Measurement on Social Media
  • Importance of Qualitative Feedback
  • Framework for ROI Measurement
  • Creating ROI Metrics Dashboard
  • Tools to Measure ROI

Module 5: Email Marketing 3 Days

  • Introduction to Email Marketing
  • Fundamentals of Email Marketing
  • Inbound Email as a Marketing Tool
  • Outbound Email Management Integrating Email With Social Media
  • Elements of a Solid Email
  • B2B Email Marketing
  • Mapping the Email Strategy to Stages in the Sales Cycle
  • Increasing Response Rates
  • Lead-Nurture Programs
  • List Management
  • Performance Tracking – Dashboards
  • Software Platforms for Email Delivery
  • Multi-Part Messages – HTML and Text Versions
  • White Lists, Black Lists and Other Considerations
  • Email List Building and Capture Page Design
  • Email Dialect – HTML Coding
  • Email for Mobile Phones
  • Developing and Managing the RFP Process
  • Setting Goals and ROI Tracking
  • Multi-Variate Testing
  • Landing Page Testing
  • HTML to Text Email
  • Email Broadcast Checklist
  • Design Techniques for Effective Email
  • Personalization – Rich Media and Graphics
  • Click-Through Rates and Click-to-Open
  • Emails Sent vs. Delivered
  • Hard Bounce vs. Soft Bounce
  • Email Privacy
  • COPPA and Email

Module 6: Web Analytics 4 Days

  • What's analysis?
  • Is analysis worth the effort?
  • Analysis vs intuition
  • Introduction to web analytics

6.1 Social media analytics

  • Facebook insights
  • Twitter analytics
  • Youtube analytics
  • Social Ad analytics /ROI measurement

6.2 Google Analytics

  • Getting Started With Google Analytics
  • How Google Analytics works?
  • Accounts, profiles and users navigation
  • Google Analytics
  • Basic metrics
  • The main sections of Google Analytics reports- Traffic Sources, Direct, referring, and search traffic, Campaigns, AdWords, Ad sense

6.3 Visitors Analysis

  • Unique visitors
  • Geographic and language information
  • Technical reports
  • Benchmarking

Module 7: Online Reputation Management 2 Days

  • What is Online Reputation Management?
  • Why Online Reputation Management is need
  • Understanding ORM Scenario
  • How to deal with criticism online
  • Step by step guide to overcome negative online reputation.
  • Best Examples of online reputation management.

Module 8: Lead Generation & Landing Pages 2 Days

  • What is Lead Generation
  • Why lead Generation important.
  • Types of landing pages.
  • Landing pages vs website
  • Understanding landing pages.
  • Converting leads into sales.

Module 9: How to make money online. 3 Days

  • Money Through YouTube
  • Money Through Blogging
  • Money through ad sense
  • Money through content writing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • How to grab freelancing projects.
  • Creating blogs with free themes.

Module 10: Marketing with Mobile Apps. 3 Days

  • Understanding Mobile Devices
  • Mobile Marketing and Social Media
  • Fundamental of mobile marketing.
  • Creating mobile website through CMS.
  • SMS Marketing.
  • Creating Mobile Application.
  • Uploading mobile app in Android and IOS.
  • Play Store app optimization.
  • Advertising on mobile.
  • Using tools to create mobile app.
  • Content marketing on mobile.


Review of Basic Accounting Concepts

Getting Familiar with Tally.ERP 9

Managing Company Data

Company Information

Country Specific Configuration

Creating a Company

Loading a Company

Shut Company

Alter Company

Delete Company

Gateway of Tally

Accounts Only

Accounts with Inventory

Company Features

Accounting Features

Inventory Features

Statutory & Taxation

Tally.NET Features

Maintaining Masters

Accounting Configuration & Features



Pre-defined Groups in Tally.ERP 9

Creating Groups - Single & Multiple

Creating Groups - Advanced usage

Display, Alter and Delete Groups



Pre-defined Ledgers in Tally.ERP 9

Creating Ledgers - Single & Multiple

Creating Ledgers - Advanced usage

Purchase / Sales Ledgers

Expense / Income Ledgers

Party Ledgers

Duties & Taxes Ledgers

Assets / Liabilities Ledgers

Display, Alter and Delete Ledgers

Stock Groups


Creating Stock Groups - Single & Multiple

Display, Alter and Delete Stock Groups

Stock Categories


Creating Stock Categories - Single & Multiple

Display, Alter and Delete Stock Categories

Units of Measurement


Simple Units of Measure

Compound Units of Measure

Stock Locations / Godowns


Creating Stock Locations / Godowns - Single & Multiple

Display, Alter and Delete Stock Locations / Godowns

Stock Items


Creating Items - Single & Multiple

Creating Items - Advanced usage

Display, Alter and Delete Items

Voucher Entry in Tally.ERP 9

Accounting Vouchers


Pre-defined Voucher Types in Tally.ERP 9

Voucher Entry - Main Screen Familiarization

Receipt Entry - Normal and Bill-wise

Printing Receipt Voucher as Formal Receipt

Payment Entry - Normal and Bill-wise

Payment Entry with Narration for each entry

Warn on Negative Cash Balance

Pre-Allocate Bills for Payment and Receipt

Printing Payment Voucher

Cheque Printing in Tally.ERP 9

Contra Entry

Using Payment / Receipt as Contra

Journal Entry

Allowing Cash Accounts in Journals

Debit Note Voucher

Credit Note Voucher

Purchase Voucher

Purchase Invoice - Accounting Invoice

Sales Voucher

Sales Invoice - Accounting Invoice

Inventory Vouchers


Pre-defined Voucher Types in Tally.ERP 9

Purchase Invoice - Item Invoice

Purchase Invoice Configuration

Sales Invoice - Item Invoice

Sales Invoice Configuration

Printing Sales Invoices

Debit & Credit Notes in Invoice Mode

Purchase Order Processing in Tally.ERP 9

Sales Order Processing in Tally.ERP 9

Printing Purchase & Sales Orders

Receipt Note (GRN)

Delivery Note Voucher

Rejections In Voucher

Rejections Out Voucher

Stock Journal Voucher

Godown Transfer Journal Voucher

Physical Stock Voucher

Advanced Concepts in Tally.ERP 9

Memorandum Vouchers

Optional Vouchers

Reversing Journals

Post-dated Vouchers

Manufacturing and Assembling

Bill of Material

Manufacturing Stock Journal Voucher

Different Actual and Billed Quantities

Batch-wise Details

Manufacturing and Expiry Dates

Voucher Types and Voucher Numbering

Voucher Class

Cost Centres

Allocating Expenses and Incomes to Cost Centres

Multiple Cost Categories

Cost Centre Class

Budgeting in Tally.ERP 9

Credit Limits

Multi-Currency and Forex Gains / Losses

Price Levels and Price Lists

Reporting & MIS

Basic Concepts of Reporting in Tally.ERP 9

Report Configuration and Filtering

Balance Sheet

Profit & Loss Account

Trial Balance

Sales Register

Purchase Register

Journal Register

Day Book

Cash Book

Bank Book

Bank Reconciliation

Group Summary

Outstandings - Receivables and Payables with Ageing Analysis

List of Vouchers by Voucher Type

Group Vouchers and Ledger Vouchers

List of Accounts

Statistics - All Accounting and Inventory Masters and Vouchers

Stock Summary

Display - Stock Item

Stock Group Summary

Stock Category Summary

Stock Location / Godown Summary

Stock Query

Purchase Orders Book

Sales Orders Book

Reorder Status

Movement Analysis

Batch-wise Reports

Stock Ageing Analysis

Purchase Bills Pending

Sales Bills Pending

Stock Transfers Register

Physical Stock Register

Cash Flow and Funds Flow

Cost Center Reports

Ratio Analysis

Exception Reports

Account Confirmation Statements

Payment Reminder Letters

Printing from Tally.ERP 9

Expert Level

Custom Configuration of Tally.ERP 9

Group Companies and Consolidation

Exporting Data from Tally.ERP 9 in various formats

Emailing from Tally.ERP 9

Managing TDS in Tally.ERP 9

Managing VAT & CST in Tally.ERP 9

Managing Service Tax in Tally.ERP 9

Managing Excise Tax in Tally.ERP 9

Managing TCS Tax in Tally.ERP 9

Managing GST